Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a fairly new practice based on the age-old tradition. It includes simplified Hatha Yoga, coupled with rhythmical, more energetic movement that can be likened to Ashtanga Yoga: which help to maintain the infant’s interests and so both you and your infant can have fun together.

We run classes every Wednesday from 2-3pm at the Romsey Rapids, click here for more information


What your child will do… 

Our classes offer a mixture of movement and relaxation. Classes usually open with a warm-up segment that can also double up as a welcome time where you and your baby will follow through with some familiar songs and simple moves. The warm up section will include some key elements from baby massage – allowing baby to get used to touch and increasing sensitivity to touch.

How will your baby benefit…

Relaxed babies

As well as the benefits of positive touch (also found in baby massage), movement provides stimulation of your baby’s main physical systems. It can also help teach your baby to gain control over their bodies, and their movements.

Baby yoga can also improve your baby’s sleeping pattern and helps digestion. Your baby will become more aware of their body and their actions, which can encourage them to move and get mobile. Tummy-time is included which can help your baby become more familiar with this position and may help them start to crawl.


How will you benefit…

If you are starting baby yoga classes with a small baby, classes can increase your confidence in how you handle your baby.  We offer a mutual ‘mums’ yoga and relaxation segment which will focus on helping you to regain your posture, strength and work your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Parents can also gain from the social time element of the class.









About our classes…

A gentle start to the class will allow mum and baby to start to relax into the session; nursery songs and rhyme are used during the session to support your engagement with making and making the session’s fun.

Baby yoga supports the development of co-ordination and motor-skills as well as having many other benefits to well-being; including relaxation, reduced symptoms of colic, improved sleep patterns, enhance bond with baby and socialisation.

Parent stretches are interspersed throughout the class allowing baby time to relax and fitting in with routine.

Sessions are planned to ensure variation, fun and development of exercises as babies become more confident in the class and physically develop.

Suitable for babies from 8 weeks, babies remain dressed during the session

All equipment is provided

A great way to meet new mums and socialise with your baby

Classes are for 1 hour with the activity being 50 minutes.

Class structure:

  1. Welcome
  2. Warm up
  3. Main exercise session
  4. Calming baby walks/exercises
  5. Relaxation

If you are interested to find out more about our baby yoga classes, please call me on or fill out the contact form below and i would gladly provide more details – we would love you to come and give our classes a try!



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